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This section covers information about Moira Shire Council's natural environment and projects, such as Kinnairds Wetlands.

You can also read about Council's waste initiatives, such as public place recycling, the Butt Bin litter campaign and being a Waste Wise Council. The operating times for Council landfill and transfer stations are listed, along with the waste charges.

If you have an enquiry about the registration of your cat or dog, please see the Animals section. 

Environment Sustainability Strategy

Moira Shire Council recently developed a Environment Sustainability Strategy (ESS). This strategy aims to improve how Council operates internally in relation to environmental sustainability and externally with the community in prioritising and undertaking environmental sustainability activities.

The ESS is proposed as a key strategic document to provide clear guidance and direction to the Moira Shire Council in relation to its environmental sustainability priorities and policy positions. It has been developed to deliver a proactive and integrated approach to environmental sustainability and guide future benchmarking, measuring and monitoring of Council’s environmental performance.

The draft ESS was made available to the public through a period of consultation and the comments received are currently being reviewed. A final version of the draft ESS was presented for consideration at the 17 September 2012 Council meeting, at which it was endorsed.

For further information on the Environment Sustainability Strategy, please contact Moira Shire Council.

For further information, or to obtain a copy of the Environment Sustainability Strategy, please contact Moira Shire Council's Sustainability department or download it here.


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