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Neighbourhood Safer Places (Places of Last Resort)

Moira Shire Council has designated Neigbourhood Safer Places (Places of Last Resort) during a Bushfire. Residents must be aware that Neighbourhood Safer Places are purely places of last resort to provide shelter during the passage of a fire when all other personal survival plans have failed.

Neigbourhood Safer Places should not be considered as places to relocate to when leaving early. Safety and survival cannot be guaranteed at these sites as support services will not be provided and these locations will offer minimum protection against radiant heat and embers.

The criteria for a Neighbourhood Safer Place, such as appropriate distance from vegetation to avoid lethal radiant heat, could not be met for all towns.

Neighbourhood Safer Places are not to be confused with Relief Centres. Council may activate a Relief Centre to provide basic provisions. The location of this facility would be selected on the day taking into consideration aspects such as the location of a fire and its predicted behaviour. Relief Centre locations would be advertised on emergency radio broadcasts.

Neighbourhood Safer Places in the Moira Shire exist at:


  • Cobram Sports Stadium / Netball Courts, Campbell Road - Map


  • Yarrawonga - Victoria Park Cricket Oval, Dunlop Street - Map

Further advice about bushfire relocation is available at:

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