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Local Laws

A council can adopt local laws to protect public health, safety, or amenity in a municipality.  They are designed to support community wellbeing and to ensure the actions of an individual or group do not have a negative or undesirable impact on the rest of the community.

Local laws complement or help to implement other legislation. They are subservient to state and federal laws: that is, a local law cannot duplicate or contradict federal or state law.

Council has made the following local laws, which apply to the municipality of Moira Shire Council, under the powers provided by section 111 of the Local Government Act 1989.

Local Laws

Moira Shire Council Safety and Amenity Unit is responsible for the issuing of permits ranging from droving and grazing to permits to burn and sale of raffle tickets.

Permits must be obtained from Council's Safety and Amenity Unit for activities as described below. Please click on the relevant link and you will be directed to the information related to the activity.

Permit fees vary according to the activity, payment is required at the time of the application lodgement.

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