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Request for Property Information

Registered property owners who wish to obtain details of an adjoining land owner for the purposes of erecting or maintaining a boundary fence may apply to Council in writing using the Property Information Request Form.

Council will only disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act or when required to do so by law, or with the consent of the person(s) concerned.

In accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act, Council is unable to provide property ownership information in relation to unsolicited sale enquiries. All requests must be in writing and Council will respond in writing by email, facsimile or letter.

Council will verify the Applicant as an adjoining landowner in relation to Fences Act requests. If Council is unable to verify that the Applicant is an adjoining land owner, no information will be provided.

If Council is able to provide the information it will be provided by fax, email or letter to the Applicant and a copy will be retained by Council.

Council will usually not seek consent of property owners in order to provide their details to Applicants making a request under the Fences Act. Consequently, Council will not provide property owners names.

The Fences Act requires only that a Fencing Notice be served on the Land Owner/Occupier

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