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Moira Shire Council is an unsubdivided municipality (without wards) represented by nine elected Councillors.

To invite a Councillor to an event, official opening or for any general enquiries, please contact the Executive Assistant to the Mayor and Councillors on (03) 5871 9222 of fill in our online form.

Cr Libro Mustica

Cr Libro Mustica - Mayor

Email: Cr Mustica

Mobile: 0437 344 601


Cr Ed Cox

Cr Ed Cox - Deputy Mayor

Email: Cr Ed Cox

Mobile: 0400 564 885


Cr Beitzel

Cr John Beitzel

Email: Cr Beitzel

Mobile: 0437 621 893


Cr Bourke

Cr Kevin Bourke

Email: Cr Bourke

Mobile: 0428 662 839


Cr Buck

Cr Wendy Buck

Email: Cr Buck

Mobile: 0438 052 630


Cr Gary Cleveland

Cr Gary Cleveland

Email: Cr Cleveland

Mobile: 0419 211 027


Cr Lawless

Cr Peter Lawless

Email: Cr Lawless

Mobile: 0418 546 242


Cr Mansfield

Cr Peter Mansfield

Email: Cr Mansfield

Mobile: 0428 574 433


Cr Marie Martin

Cr Marie Martin

Email: Cr Martin

Mobile: 0407 858 269

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