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Council Agendas and Minutes

The agenda for a Council meeting is divided into several sections, some of which are outlined below.

Council meeting minutes are unconfirmed until after the following Council meeting, where they are officially approved by Council.

A hardcopy of the agenda and minutes are available to view at our Service Centres and Agencies. Agendas are also available at the Council Meeting.

Procedural Matters

This section deals with Apologies for Non-Attendance by Councillors, requests for Leave of Absence, Declarations of Pecuniary Interest, Confirmation of Minutes, Petitions and Memorials.

Officer Reports

These reports form the main section of the agenda and comprise reports submitted by Council officers for consideration by Council.

Councillor Reports

This section deals with verbal reports by Councillors of the various meetings they have attended, as well as community issues.

Annexure Attachments

Ordinary Council Meeting 27 September 2017 - 2016/17 Annual Report.pdf (6MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 18 April 2018 Item 9.4.4 Planning Permit Application No 5201818 - Use and Development - Renewable Energy Facility Solar Farm Signage and Removal of Native Vegetation

Council Meeting minutes are unconfirmed until formally adopted by Council. This usually occurs at the next Council Meeting.

Unconfirmed Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 18 April 2018

Ordinary Council Meeting 23 May:C014-18 Finance of One Horizontal Discharge Unit and C021-18 Supply and Delivery or Finance of One Street Sweeper





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Meeting Date Meeting Type Agenda Minutes
23/05/2018 Ordinary Agenda
18/04/2018 Ordinary Agenda
28/03/2018 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
28/02/2018 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
13/12/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
22/11/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
08/11/2017 Special Agenda Minutes
25/10/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
27/09/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
23/08/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
26/07/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
28/06/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
14/06/2017 Special Agenda Minutes
24/05/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes
26/04/2017 Ordinary Agenda Minutes

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