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Council Elections

Moira Shire Council elections were last held on Saturday 22 October 2016. 

Nine Councillors were elected for a four-year term to provide representation across an un‑subdivided municipality (no wards). 

Electoral information for Moira Shire Council, including results of the 2016 election, can be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s website.

Election Campaign Donations

The Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) requires each candidate to give an election campaign donation return to Moira Shire Council’s Chief Executive Officer. The following is a summary of the returns lodged. 

 Candidate's name  Value of Gift Name of donor 
 John Beitzel  No disclosable gift  
 Kevin Bourke  No disclosable gift  
 Wendy Buck  No disclosable gift  
 Rob Chuck  No disclosable gift  
 Gary Cleveland  No disclosable gift  
 Judy Cooper  No disclosable gift  
 Edward Cox  No disclosable gift  
 Peter Lawless  No disclosable gift  
 Alex Monk  No disclosable gift  
 Don McPhee  No disclosable gift  
 John Scott  No disclosable gift  
 Alan Williams




 Jenny Powell

 Kathy Taylor

Trish & Neil Povey

 Libro Mustica  No disclosable gift  
 Marie Martin  No disclosable gift  
 Mark Reynolds  No disclosable gift  


As per section 62A of the Act, copies of all election campaign donation returns received are available for inspection at the Moira Shire Council office during normal office hours for a period of four years from the date given.

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