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Health Services

Moira Shire Council believes the health of residents to be of great importance and has committed time and resources for ongoing community benefits.

At a local level, Council directly influences urban planning, management of natural resources, social connectedness, transport and access. Research has shown these are key factors to good health as set down by the World Health Organisation.

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan gives strategic direction to Council by identifying the priority issues and needs for health and wellbeing of Moira Shire Residents, which is reviewed three yearly.

The Positive Ageing and Moira Social plans also guide the developments and recommendations, both locally and at a State level, which have come out of extensive community consultation.

Working with senior citizens clubs, disability advisory groups, preschools, schools, police, community health services including mental health services, community/learning centres, primary care partnerships, drought response services and MHA Care Limited with representation at a decision-making level, ongoing promotion and lobbying for the best outcomes for the health of Moira Shire residents will occur.

Directly, Maternal and Child Health nurses can provide a range of services and information..

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