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Community Action Plans

Why Community Planning matters?

It is often said that “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Community Planning is about local community members coming together to shape the future.

Community Planning gives you and your community greater ownership of the plans that affect your area. You and your neighbours are the best source of knowledge and wisdom about your surroundings and by creating a community plan you develop a pathway for your hopes and ideas to become reality.

Community planning will result in:

  • A stronger, more cohesive community
  • A proactive rather than reactive community
  • Enhanced partnerships
  • Greater opportunities to attract funding and resources
  • Better decision making and investment
  • A clear vision and plan of action for the future

What is the process of Community Planning?

Community Planning involves a number of stages. The end goal is to come up with a Community Plan that captures the shared vision for the community, with actions that are realistic, sustainable and can be implemented over a period of time.


Community Planning Process.jpg


How can you be involved?

As a member of your community, your strengths and skills are the most valuable assets in the development and implementation of your Community Plan. You can be involved by:

  • Becoming a member of the Community Plan Steering Committee

The Community Plan Steering Committee is the group of community members who oversee the development, implementation and review of the Community Plan

  • Contributing to the plan by providing your thoughts, ideas and feedback

There will be many opportunities to ensure your voice is heard. Take part in the survey, talk to the Steering Committee Members, contact Moira Shire Community Development team…have your say!

  • Playing a role in the implementation of identified actions as a member of Working Groups

Working groups oversee the implementation of the identified actions and priorities by the community. If you have a special interest in any of the identified priorities and want to take part in making it happen, contact your local Community Plan Steering Committee and put your hand up to be involved.

How can Council assist with Community Planning?

Moira Shire Council can assist your community in developing your Community Plan and in supporting the implementation of identified priorities through grants funding where available; support in applying for state and federal grants; by lobbying relevant government agencies or through provision of project management advice.

Need to know more?

Contact a member of the Moira Shire Council’s Community Planning team on (03) 5871 9222 or email to explore how you can be part of this exciting process of Community Planning.

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