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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture in Moira:

Moira Shire’s commitment is to improve liveability and actively involve and shape the future for our residents through arts and culture activities and programs. To drive this priority Council appointed a full time arts and culture officer and part time project officer.

The Unit's role within Council is to:

  • Identify and develop opportunities for Arts and Culture programs, events and tourism across Moira Shire.
  • Coordinate the development, implementation and evaluation of Arts and Culture marketing, communication, promotional material for programs and activities across Moira Shire.
  • Work with existing Arts and Culture groups across Moira Shire to enhance access to and enjoyment of arts and culture programs and activities.
  • Create new networks that bring together Arts and Cultural community groups as well as encourage the formation of new groups.
  • Engage with local schools to raise the profile of community Arts and Culture and create links to and from places of education to enhance opportunities in this field.
  • Work closely with the Community Development and the Economic Development teams at embedding Arts and Culture as part of the broader approach to community capacity building.
  • Seek out and assist in making application for funding to support new and existing Arts and Culture initiatives.
  • Lead the co-ordination of Councils efforts to support new arts and cultural events.

Some key initiatives include:

  • Arts and Culture Strategy (under development)
  • Establishment of Moira Arts and Culture Inc (MAC Inc.) - a not for profit arts board to enrich and foster arts and culture in Moira Shire.
  • Arts and Culture Grants - intended to support local artists and arts and cultural organisations to work in their communities on projects that contribute to community capacity building.
  • Council developed a number of initiatives to recognise and enhance Moira’s diverse culture and indigenous heritage through events and programs supporting the arts, traditions and history such as Harmony Day, Reconciliation Exhibitions and NAIDOC Day.
  • Manage arts and cultural activities and programs in the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre.

Networks and Alternative funding bodies:

Regional Arts Victoria

The Regional Arts Fund
The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund program supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia. The Regional Arts Fund is managed in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria and is delivered in two main categories, Project Grants and Quick Response Grants.

Creative Arts Victoria

Creative Industry Strategy
Creative Victoria's funding and support programs are designed to stimulate high quality, diverse creative activity across the state; strengthen Victoria's reputation as a centre for creative excellence; and ensure that all Victorians have opportunities to enjoy, participate in and benefit from a rich creative ecosystem.

Australian Business number

Australian Business Website

Earning an Income from Art - if you want to start a business in your field of expertise there are few steps you should consider before branching out into commissioned work.

Do I need an Australian Business Number, Do I need to register for GST? How do I apply? - You may be an artist wanting to sell your work or to be commissioned to create works, perhaps you are a performer such as a singer, or juggler and not sure how to go about earning money for your service or talent. Below is a link to the Australian Business Website which has up to date information about how to plan your business success.

Moira Shire’s Economic Development Unit can also assist you in starting your business.

Arts and Culture Survey

Moira Shire Council is committed to improving our liveability through creating a vibrant arts and cultural environment for residents and visitors.

Please participate in this survey to help us identify priorities and shape the future of arts and culture in our community.


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