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Starting or Buying a Business?

Are you thinking of starting a business in the Moira Shire? If so, Moira Shire Council’s Economic Development team are here to assist you, view some of the services available here.

Our team has experienced business development officers who are passionate about business and able to support you through the process of starting a business.

Whatever type of business you are planning to start or buy, we have access to services available to you at no cost.

“Not planning to succeed is planning to fail” and many people realise this when it’s too late.

Before you commence your business venture, we strongly suggest you develop a business plan. A business plan is essential for the success of your business and, if seeking financial assistance, it will be a requirement that you provide your lender with a comprehensive business plan to support your business case.

There are many business plan templates available online, such as this one provided by the Victorian Government.

Your business plan should include a marketing plan of how you intend to reach your target market, along with a SWOT analysis highlighting your strengths, identifying your weaknesses, any opportunities that are available and any threats your business may experience in the current marketplace, and importantly, a detailed financial plan for the business.

Researching the market is a great way of developing your business and it’s essential you understand what is currently on offer to your potential customers and how your business will differ.

Here are a few things you may want to consider when planning to start a business.

  •  Are you the right type of person to be going into business?
  • Do you have the right personality?
  • What products and services will you provide?
  • Is your idea feasible?
  • How will you protect your idea?
  • Is there a market for your product/service?
  • What skills do you need?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What difference will you bring to the market?
  • Do you have the financial capacity?
  • What are the risks?
  • Do you have an exit plan?

How we can assist further?

We know how daunting it can be navigating through planning regulations, collecting important information and establishing contracts.

Our role is to help you in this process and we can assist to:

  • liaise with other Council departments, such as Planning and Environment Health;
  • collect important statistics, such as population trends, building approvals and industry data;
  • meet the appropriate government people who can help your business, such as Regional Development Victoria and employment agencies; and
  • make the right contact locally, such as real estate agents, painters and building services.

Ticking all the boxes

So now you have a business plan, you have spoken to your accountant and you have a solicitor on hand when needed to assist where needed.

So what now?

You need to obtain your Australian Business Number (ABN) and this is the easy part, as it can all be done online in a matter of minutes.

Obtaining your ABN

To register online, simply click the link provided here.

Applicants who are individuals or sole traders must apply for a TFN, using a paper application. For further details, please refer to

Registering a business name

You can register your business name through ASIC Connect, an online service portal.

To register a business name, the entity will need to have an ABN or ABN application reference number (unless an exemption applies). Please click here to register your business name.

Choose the entity that will hold the business name

Before you start, you will need to choose an entity to hold the business name.

The following types of entities may apply to hold a business name:

  • individual (for example, a sole trader);
  • incorporated entity, including an Australian registered company (has an ACN), an Australian registered body (has an ARBN) or other incorporated entity (no ACN or ARBN);
  • unincorporated entity, including a trust, superannuation fund or unincorporated body or association;
  • partnership or joint venture partnership, or
  • joint venture.

Choose your name carefully

You can check if a name is available for registration by performing a check of name availability.

Council regulations

If you are starting a business, such as a beauty therapist, hair salon or café, you may need to comply with local government regulations. To check if your business is required to comply with licenses and regulations, please contact Moira Shire Council's Environmental Health department.


If you want to display a sign out the front of your business, you may need to apply for a signage permit. You can obtain the Application for a Permit for Advertising by contacting Moira Shire Council.

For other useful information about starting a business, please visit

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